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Qplay Sweetie Baby Walker

Sweetie,the brother product of Cutey,will help your kids learn the essential first skills needed to ride a bike.Toddlers love the independence and sense of achievement from riding a balance bike. It also builds their motor skills,coordination and increases their confidence.


· Height adjustable handlebar and seat

· Maximum user weight: 20kg

· Kids can practise their balance on the Q Play sweetie in doors.The light frame and stable design make the Q Play sweetie a great choice for kids who aren’t ready to pedal – just push off the ground to go.The Q Play sweetie is designed for kids from 1 to 3 years old, with a 2-height handlebar to grow with your child. The compact frame is sized just right for storage or travel.

Perfect stepping stone to your first bike

Get to know your sense of balance with this balance bike

The sweetie balance bikes are strong, sturdy and of high quality